• Phone : +91 98204 03194 / +91 98198 48856
  • Opening Time : 9:30am-12:00pm
  • Address : Sankli Street, Mumbai 400008
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About Our Kinder Castle

Looking for a school your child will love? Kinder castle Education programme offers an exciting, stimulating environment and child centred curriculum for your child. At Kindergarten we believe that children learn most effectively when they are having fun and deeply engaged in their play/learning. Hence we have adopted an approah that relies on skilled staff and expert practice to deliver a child centred curriculum.



To provide children with a psychologically safe and purposeful environment that provides developmentally appropriate learning opportunities.

To provide children with an ease of transition from the home to the playgroup setting by building a sense of community.

To provide learning that occurs in the context of each child’s unique characteristics, abilities and characteristics.

To provide children with the skills to think and reason to become active problem solvers for life.

To provide a language rich environment in which the child’s personal interest’s questions and intentions lead to exploration, experimentation and the construction of new knowledge and understanding.

That the adults in the setting will empower children to take control of their own learning by being active and participatory but also observational and reflective.

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Our Misssion & Pre-School

Our Mission

To ignite the spirit of learning in the minds of students.

To prepare students to be caring citizens, equipped with life-skills, to sustain them vigorously in life.

To create all round development of the rural students and prepare them for true education.

To be literally savvy, yet rooted to the soil.

To established Kindergarten Education Programme centre all over the world


Quality and excellence in Education" at Kinder Castle Education Programme bears witness to






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